Hiking Madrid 
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Did you know that Madrid has an abundance of hiking trails in historic towns within close proximity to the city center?  Do you want to have a great outdoor experience during your visit?  Do you live here but don't know where to go?  Do you want to meet new people, learn new languages and escape the chaos of the city center? 

Ready for our 7th season of Hiking Madrid? Last autumn we had over 300 hikers join us on our favorite routes. It was an exceptional season. But something we pride ourselves on is getting better every hike and every season. Autumn 2012 was spectacular. But we want to open the group up even a little more. We're going to try and combine hikes with some festivals, like last years famous Oktoberfest hike. And we're also looking into some workshops and tours around the Community of Madrid such as our famous beer hike. 
Check out our "ACTIVITIES" page for details as to where we will be going each week! Saturdays we'll offer easier hikes, while Sundays we'll be going on more challenging routes. This is truly an international crowd that explores hidden gems throughout the community.  We would love it if you came along and we promise to show you the best towns and routes!

We also offer group or private hikes. E-mail us at hikingmadrid@hikingmadrid.com for our weekly updates. And be sure to "like" our Facebook page, Hiking in the Community of Madrid/ Senderismo por la comunidad de Madrid for constant updates. We look forward to meeting you!

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