In the early summer of 2008 Beau and Cynthia decided to take a day trip out of Madrid. They were blown away by a hike they did up in Cercadilla. After speaking with a man at the education center, they decided to write the first hiking book in the Community of Madrid. A couple years and over 160 routes later they published "Take a Hike; the Best 50 routes in the Community of Madrid". The book can be found in bookstores all over Madrid. But they figured that taking people out themselves would be more fun. It's proved to be true.

They both have moved on, Cynthia back to the States and Beau to Central America where he is a tour guide. He can't quite let go of Hiking Madrid though. He helps organize the routes that are led by the two people who really keep it running; Jonathan and Barbara, both of whom came along on just about every hike for 4 and 5 seasons before leading the hikes themselves. Come out and take a hike with them and we're quite sure you keep coming back out.

Hiking Madrid 
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