Hiking Madrid 
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What People Are Saying About Hike Madrid 

Nice format, very friendly and welcoming group, which is an important feature for someone joining in as an individual.

KD - Scotland

You totally made my family's visit to Spain complete. Our trip to El Escorial is a day we will never forget. The kids learned so much and had a blast. Without one of our favorite days of our vacation in Spain. Muchas gracias!


It was a fantastic day out, enjoying beautiful spring scenery and charming villages, and most of all the company and conversation.

JG - Spain

This group has changed my life and there is no way I would have lasted in Madrid had I not been introduced to these hikes. Thanks!


Another great season. It helps me with my English and is the best part of my week. It is special to have met everyone and discover Madrid. Thank you very much!

GV - Venezuela


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